+LAB is a web series WHICH coveRS Lubbock's CULTURE ARTS AND diversity for the growing ARTS IN Lubbock.  

Lubbock's legendary Rock N' Roll music influence, and music festivals has spawn growth for the arts across the High Plains of West Texas. A hub city known for it's agriculture, commerce, music, and art has been dubbed as "the friendliest place in America".  A true melting pot of people, collaboration and networking.


Hannah Who - Milk & Honey. Previously recorded at Mowgil House on 2.16.18 BLNKA LAB 3


BLNKA LAB second episode features local artist Dubxilla & The Lacroix Boys. Previously recorded at the Gypsy House on 1.19.18 The Lacroix Boys composed of lead guitarist Jacob Nalle, Drummer Nick Mendoza and Cornbread on the bass brings a rich fuse of electric strings and percussion with written poetry by Dubxilla.


        The series known as BLNKA LAB will begin by covering the psychedelic sounds of Indica Children. Composed of frontman: Clint Bruton, bassist: John Rascoe, keys: Tyler Simpson and drums: Jacob Mendoza.