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Copy of BLNKA JAM 18'

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      We’re planning a Downtown Urban Arts Festival on April 28th, 2018 located in the heart of Downtown Lubbock. We will be closing sections of Broadway Street and Avenue J to create a festival that will engage with the surrounding context, local businesses and abandoned properties. The one-day festival will exhibit Lubbock’s rich art, architecture, music, fashion and film communities based in West Texas. The festival will last from 12pm-11pm and will feature a full day of music and theatre performances on Broadway Street, the block’s alleyways will host a series of art installations, fashion, lecture presentations, and independent films. Followed by Avenue J which will have a wide range of food trucks and open markets throughout the day.

      BLNKA JAM '18 will highlight  this area which holds significance to Lubbock’s history of commercial success and current promise as the ideal area for urban redevelopment. If we look at the center of downtown, we can observe the few local businesses still active in this area. These businesses begin to urbanize downtown through mix-used residential buildings like the Pioneer Condos, shops like La Feria Music store, or restaurants like Giorgio’s Pizza. The foundations for urban living are here. Now we must advocate for more development.

      The idea is to help reconnect this area with its commercial activity and serve as a connection between the Depot District and the Lubbock Cultural District known for LHUCA, the First Friday Arts Trail, and the Buddy Holly Center. These two arts districts are examples of the economic growth that arts can bring to an area and how everyone benefits from extension of the overall experience in Lubbock.  We’re seeking collaboration from the community to promote the importance of integrating the arts into Lubbock’s downtown redevelopment goal. We hope the festival will promote the local arts and encourage new investors and opportunities for these abandoned properties and surrounding context to continue the growth of urban development.

To learn more on our organization check out our LBK mission statement.