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Culture & Color

November 2, 2018

The Culture and Color exhibition showcased the importance of representing individuality and culture within a growing Cultural District of Lubbock. This BLNKA event was carried out in three different locations; The Icehouse, The Main Plaza, and CASP Studio 2. Each location had musical performances throughout the night. BLNKA’s goal was to invite all opportunity with art and music within the Lubbock community. Artists were able to show and sell the artworks that best represent who they were, and promote their views on life to others. Music was available for First Friday viewers to enjoy while they took in the artwork of the show.

LHUCA has been gracious enough to have given us, The Icehouse and The Main Plaza Stage for the exhibition.

CASP has always been open and willing to allow music and fresh new acts to be apart of First Friday through BLNKA and other events.


BLnka Jam ‘18

April 28th, 2018

The Downtown Urban Arts Festival was located in the heart of Downtown Lubbock. On Broadway Street and Avenue J we created a festival that engaged with the surrounding context, local businesses and abandoned properties. The festival featured a full day of music, theatre performances, a series of art installations, fashion, lecture presentations, and independent films. We also had a wide range of food trucks and open markets throughout the day.

      BLNKA JAM '18 highlighted this area which holds significance to Lubbock’s history of commercial success and current promise as the ideal area for urban redevelopment. The idea was to help reconnect this area with its commercial activity and serve as a connection between the Depot District and the Lubbock Cultural District known for the First Friday Art Trail and the Buddy Holly Center. We wanted the collaboration from the community to promote the importance of integrating the arts into Lubbock’s downtown redevelopment goal.


The Cliffhouse

December 1, 2017

This exhibition was hosted on a vacant property at 500 East Broadway, formerly known as the Cliffhouse Restaurant and Parkview Lodge. This used to be a preeminent destination for tourists and travelers of the 1950s is, today, a deteriorating lot in isolation, most commonly known for its reputation as a graffiti park. Cliffhouse Project Director, Chimsee Hagy is leading the revitalization efforts which are turning the abandoned complex into organic gardens, open studios, artist residencies and public venues to enhance the local arts community for East Lubbock.

We collaborated with to have an exhibition space with live music, contemporary art, food trucks, vendors, and people. Our exhibitions have focused on the goal to rethink abandoned buildings and properties exemplifying the possibilities for reviving abandoned areas in Lubbock Texas.