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Observations of the Arts in the city of Lubbock.

  • The Depot, Broadway Commercial and the Arts districts in Lubbock continues to be the identity for our downtown. Our downtown is expected to grow with the new developments happening around town. The Buddy Holly Hall and the new Citizen Tower Plaza which are hoping to become the city’s catalyst for the urban expansion downtown. Our organization is interested in the Arts economical and cultural impact for additional areas in downtown to encourage the growth downtown.

  • Events bring the local community together through the impact of the Arts. The diversity in culture allows for the art to all people in the commnuity to be represented. is everywhere is everywhere the city has all connected through the impact of the Arts in this West Texas.

  • Were coming together in a urban setting through the arts, working with organizations like LHUCA and CASP help promote the expansion of diversity in the arts. Regardless of the downtown businesses, buildings, streets, or bike lanes, people is what needed for urbanism. Affordable housing is key for revitalization.

  • Arts in West Texas will continue to grow on it’s own by more people finding