A BLNKA story..

 Colors here, orchestrate the most vibrant sunsets across the Panhandle of Texas. Distinct seasons, flat terrain, and tumbleweeds cultivate the fully immersive West Texas experience. People paint, sculpt, sing, write, and compose the city's identity, their craft and passion; masterfully formulating the single spark that ignites a wild spread of ideas and growth across the community. Lubbock, Texas is known as the Hub City--connecting major cities from around the South Plains through networks of education, health care, economics, and shipping.

 A once prosperous and vibrant downtown has become a largely abandoned and neglected area. We hope to inspire more entrepreneurs, scholars, developers, investors, and friends alike to continue to make a difference together, sparking ideas for the future of our Downtown Lubbock community.


All photography provided by BLNKAartists and BLNKA contributors.

              {left}  Erica Abesamis | Jonathan Bergen | Dave Clayton | Gina Astuto        

Lubbock is beautiful.

 This town has a notion of being boring, dry, and dull. When in reality the experience here, is quite unique and holistic. There's a constant flow of emerging individuals with creativity and talents fueling the growth of the "arts" across the Panhandle of Texas.  People from the surrounding towns, cities and states naturally gravitate towards this "hub" in West Texas for commerce, agriculture, and education; generating diversity and progression. 

Our friends, colleagues and professors have inspired us to empower one-another and celebrate each other's work. Paintings, sculptures, photography, diagrams, renderings, and drawings are all collections of  powerful and meaningful visuals and stories that evoke an experience unique to each individual. The space becomes activated, emotions are triggered and people connect through the power of the arts.