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      The Mattison Building

Fall 2016


      The Mattison Building can be found in Lubbock, Texas on Crickets Avenue, a street renamed after Buddy Holly's band "The Crickets". Just two blocks off Broadway, on 14th Street, the Mattison sits in the middle of the First Friday Art Trail and Depot District , which today, are the two most active and progressive areas in Downtown Lubbock. 


      Built in 1960 as cotton offices and later converted into a pathology facility, the Mattison was at the heart of the agricultural and medical booms which would help cultivate Lubbock into the cultural epicenter that it is today. On November 4th, 2016 The Mattison building was reactivated through a collaboration with talented individuals, kick-ass sponsors, fire marshals, and building inspectors, whose work helped repurpose a single example of Downtown Lubbock’s many desolate buildings and empty spaces. After two months of meeting with city officials, resolving a list of safety concerns, and constant cleaning efforts, thanks to our friends, we slowly began stitching together a reimagined use for the upstairs office suites, which had lain vacant for decades. Piece by piece, the top of the Mattison transformed into an exhibition showcasing a series of live/work studios, filled with installations, art and creativity. Meanwhile, the bottom of the Mattison became galleries for paintings, sculptures, and projected visuals. The Mattison's large parking lot hosted food trucks, live music, mobile galleries, & aerialist performances.


  This project was made possible by the help of many friends, supporters and sponsors.  Thank you for everything!

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